A run-down of how RFID Supports different leisure and entertainment sectors

01 Mar 2019

Wrist Marketing

RFID Tech has more to offer to Event Management than most people know
A run-down of how RFID Supports different leisure and entertainment sectors

Although Blockchain, VR, AR and Facial Recognition are trending don't forget tech that has been around for several years, especially RFID which has not been fully embraced and remains a technology that can still offer a vast range of features and benefits.

The full potential of RFID Tech is still not appreciated in terms of visitors, staff, assets and site management as can be seen from the Services Summary.

Paradoxically RFID technology is very simple but at the same time complex to effectively embed with client IT environments. This is where are services help clients align Wrist RFID Solutions with existing client business systems. A vital process to ensure successful first time deployment.

Flexibility is a key element of our approach. We have a wide range of modules developed over the years that can be introduced and custom integrated, implementation costs less and development time reduced.

We are always happy to explain, listen, demonstrate and document solutions at no cost to educate our clients as to what is feasible and sensible rather than waste time and money attempting to implement unsuitable solutions. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help.


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