5 Tips for Any Small Business Attending Trade Shows

22 Jan 2021


Trade shows are a big deal. They're the place to be to secure new leads and cement client relationships. Especially for small businesses.
5 Tips for Any Small Business Attending Trade Shows

5 Tips for Any Small Business Attending Trade Shows

Launching a business is challenging. There is no denying it. But one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make involves your marketing strategy. What are the best tactics for your business and your industry?

Leading exhibition stand designers, Quadrant2Design, believe trade shows should be part of your strategy. Face-to-face communication is essential to business. As a business owner, you will understand the importance of networking and building relationships.

Exhibitions allow you to do that. That is why they should be part of any small businesses marketing strategy.

In fact, if you’re not already exhibiting here are five reasons why you should be.

Know Your Competition

Industry-specific events aren’t just great places to meet your future customers. The chances are many of your competitors will be there as well.

Use your next exhibition as an opportunity to spy on your competitors. Take a stroll over to their booth and look at their products. Ask the exhibition stand team about the brand. Hang around for a product demonstration. And then go back to your business with your competitor analysis in hand.

Increase Brand Awareness

An exhibition is an event that allows businesses to showcase their products and visitors to find new suppliers. The venue is full of your target audience.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness and connect with an audience of prospects. Using a custom modular exhibition stand that tells people about your small business will get you noticed. There are hundreds of unique design features and exhibiting strategies that can support you on the trade show floor.

Stay Ahead with The Latest Knowledge

Exhibitions aren’t just about marketing your small business. Every event allows you to learn from industry experts.

Global brands like Apple have previously launched new products at industry-events. Experts take time to deliver keynotes, workshops and dedicated speaker sessions sharing their experiences and helping you grow your own business. If you’re a small business owner, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Grow Your Prospect List

The obvious reason that any small business should exhibit is to grow their business and generate leads. As discussed, you are given the opportunity to showcase your product in a room full of your target audience.

People visit exhibitions to find new suppliers. If you’re not there, how can you be their next choice?

With more virtual and hybrid events expected off the back of the Covid-19 outbreak, you will be presented with even more opportunity to generate leads. Make the most of the in-person event with a creative exhibition stand or display. Use the online element of the show to gather data so you have even more leads to follow up with.

Generate Solid Sales

You can do more than generate leads at an exhibition. Use your time wisely, book in some meetings and close deals. Your small business can make money at a trade show.

It costs less time and money to host meetings at a trade show. Look at the list of exhibitors and reach out to your current customer base or email list to see if any prospects would like to arrange a one-to-one slot with you.

Using your exhibiting time wisely is key to building relationships, generating leads and closing those deals.


It is clear why your business should exhibit at trade shows. If you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads and close deals whilst keeping up with industry trends and competitors then exhibitions are where you need to be.

Many small businesses shy away from trade shows as a marketing tactic. They don’t think these events offer enough return on investment. The truth is it’s not all about the money you make. It’s about the five things listed in this article.

To cut costs you could always rent an exhibition stand or make use of a modular, reusable display option. Games and competitions are great ways to increase traffic and generate more leads on your booth. And remember, take some time to connect with industry leaders and gain insight into their business.


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