Gnat Shooting

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Firebird Events Ltd

Tel: 01252 545 654

Clay Pigeon Shooting, with a difference!

The GNAT offers a new and exciting challenge to shooting enthusiasts. It is a target like no other, capable of speeds up to 100 mph and aerobatics to confound the experts. It has the flexibility to cater for all standards of shooter, ensuring fun for everyone. Scores soon start to mount up, as direct hits set off explosive pods fitted to the aircraft, giving a highly visual effect. Maximum bonus points are achieved by blowing the target out of the sky! Teams use conventional shotguns and cartridges, and this activity comes complete with safety cages, guns, cartridges, hearing protection etc, plus a pilot and technician with plenty of GNAT targets and a minimum of two professional shooting instructors

Paul Heckles Flight Centre

Tel: 07866 599988

Gnat Shooting

A Radio Controlled Aerial Shotgun Target with friction sensitive explosive underneath the belly of the target which go of with a bang and a puff of smoke when hit. The R/C plane can fly at speeds of up to 100 MPH so can be a challenge to the best of shooters.

The Gnats are fast becoming a popular attraction for Shooting events/Charity events etc.

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