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About Us

Visitors are invited to browse among over 100 stalls of genuine artisan giftware(crafts, jewelry, Christmas decoration, toys, etc.), find unique and unusual presents for Christmas (stalls are located throughout the school, only the gym is pictured here). Live music will be played in different areas all throughout the day.

Children can enjoy a myriad of fun and exciting activities: crafts, gem mining, Father Christmas’ Grotto, Enchanted Cookie House, face painting and more.
You’ll find a range of delicious, wholesome food & drinks whilst at the fair, perfect for warming you up on a crisp winters day.
We’ll have a tasty BBQ offering chargrilled meat, a wood fire oven tossing out delectable pizzas & other tantalising savoury offerings in our festive main dining hall & cosy cafes, including seasonal salads & other nourishing vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options.
For the kids, we have plenty of festive treats lined-up in the magical Gingerbreadroom where the children can go wild decorating their own gingerbread men, dip & dunk a coco-tastic chocolate fountain & enjoy various child-friendly meal options in our food cafes.

For those looking for some respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, there will be plenty of tea, coffee, seasonal hot and cold drinks to enjoy alongside lovingly-made homemade cakes, bakes & treats under the twinkling lights & winter ferns.
On top of all that, we traditionally have some theatre performances,
puppet shows and story telling in our wonderful theatre.

What only a few visitors may know is that the Advent Fair is traditionally a gift from the parents to the school, without whose tireless work making crafts and baking biscuits and cakes, as well as delicious and varied food items for the many cafes, restaurants and BBQ available throughout the day, not to mention manning the car parks, would not be possible.

Come along and see how your favourite Billy Goat Gruff’s outsmart the dangerous troll and live happily ever after!
Tip, tap toe, over the bridge they go,
but watch out below!
This classic fairytale is a must see for the whole family.

Last year there were just over 2,500 visitors and it was really a magical family occasion
and a great official welcome to the festive season.
We hope you will be joining us this year!

Contact / Exhibitor info
Advent Fair Organisation Team: Charlotte Hendry  / Sue Dimitrijevic
email: rsskl.adventfair.1@gmail.com

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