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About Us
High quality audio hire for smaller events & parties - get the top notch sound you hear at large professional events for your wedding or gig. With carefully chosen kit for excellent intelligibility and balance you will get away with lower volume levels and fewer complaints. Far outclassing the cheap systems commonplace in the smaller end of the market we are confident you'll notice the difference - and so will your guests.

We have a selection of audio/sound hire packages for audiences of up to 1000 people – and that’ll be a fully entertained 1000, there are no half-measures here. If you're looking to impress we have ideal solutions for bands, weddings, parties and conference events
- we can even provide professionally controlled lighting to make your event really shine.

Our focus has been on the smaller end of the market which has become dominated with cheap mass-produced systems which can be pretty loud but sound terrible - full of boom and shriek with muffled voices and dull unexciting sound. It's a world apart from the experience at quality venues, clubs and festivals where the music can be heartstopping - but there's no good reason why your event can't sound the same.

We have invested in kit that costs many times the mass produced equivalents but that perform wonderfully - intelligible vocals and satisfyingly balanced bass will give any performance a serious boost. The systems are surprisingly small and discrete fitting into any environment producing their sound without interrupting the view and the look of your event. We also provide a variety of mixing and microphone solutions to get the best from speakers and artists - from capturing a graceful female vocal to enhancing the gravitas of a deep-voiced preacher we can help you sound your best.

To complement this we can provide a range of event lighting including washes and moving heads suiting a smaller stage, fire and water effects to add colour and motion to calmer areas and room filling disco effects we can make your event look as good as it sounds. 

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