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C/o 34, Millfield Gardens
Nether Poppleton
North Yorkshire
YO26 6NZ
United Kingdom

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Services We Offer
  • Marquee Printing/Branding
  • Marquee & Tents - Exotic / Unusual
  • Marquee - Village
  • Marquee - Tents over 30 mtrs
  • Marquee - Tents 15-30 mtrs
  • Marquee - Tents
  • Marquee - Stakes
  • Marquee - Small / Fold Up
  • Marquee – Repairs
  • Marquee - Penthouse
  • Marquee - Multilevel
  • Marquee - Matting
  • Marquee – Manufacturers
  • Marquee – Geodesic Domes
  • Marquee – Flooring
  • Marquee - Fabrics
  • Marquee - Door & Window Units
  • Marquee - Decorative Lighting
  • Marquee - Decoration / Theming
  • Marquee - Cover & Linings
  • Marquee - Clearspan
  • Marquee - Cleaning
  • Marquee - Branding
  • Marquee - Anchor
  • Marquee - Alternative Construction
  • Marquee - Accessories
  • Marketing Services
  • 6m x 6m Marquee
  • 6m x 18m Marquee
  • 6m x 12m Marquee
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Anything Else
Dry Hire Offered
Heating Lighting and Electrical
Electric Heaters
Fire Exit Signs and Emergency Illumination
Generators and Power Distribution
Heaters - Radiant or Infrared
Heaters Direct
Heaters Indirect
Heating - Diffusers and Ducting
Lighting for Marquees
Emergency Lights
Flood Lighting / Aria Lighting
Marquee Chandeliers
Marquee Up-lighters
Pea Lights Or Fairy lights
Pin Spots
Manufacture and Repair
High Frequency and Hot Air PVC Welders
Industrial Sewing Machines
Marquee Businesses for sale
Marquee Componants for sale
Artificial Grass or Astro Turf
Carpet and Matting
Dance Floor
Plastic Flooring
Plywood or Board Flooring
Temporary Road or Track way
Unit or Cassette Flooring
Marquee Framework
Extension Bays and Complete Frames
Framework - Parts - Beams - Legs - Knuckles
Ground Rails
Portal Beams and Scissors
Roof Wires
Marquee Linings
Flat Marquee Linings
Lining Rigging Or Lifting Equipment
Pleated Linings
Reveal Curtains
Ruched Linings
Starcloth and Blackout Linings
Swags, overlays, drapes pelments and Flashes
Marquee PVC or Canvas
Gutters and Infill Panels
Marquee Roofs Gables and Ends
Marquee Sides - Curtains and Window Walls
Marquee Weights
Pegs Stakes or Pins
Marquees For Sale
Big Tops and Circus Tents
Capri, Espree or Trapeze Marquees
Chinese Hat or Pagodas
Dome Marquees and Geodesics
Framed or Clear-span Marquees
Framed marquees 0 - 6m width
Framed marquees 12m width and Over
Framed marquees Over 6m and under 12m width
Glamping and Camping Marquees or Tents
Inflatable Marquees
Pop Up Marquees
Race Awnings
Stretch Marquees
Tension Marquees
Tipi and Wigwams
Traditional or Pole Marquee
Unusual Marquees
Yurt Or Ger
Marquees Wanted
Portable Stages
Storage and Racking
Theming and Decor
Tools and Equipment
Marquee Cleaning
Marquee Peg Pullers or Extractors
Peg Drivers - Wackers
Purlin Props and Lifting Poles
Tent Jack or Lifter
Transport Equipment
Vacancies for Marquee and Event Staff
Featured News
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