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16-18 Kirby Street
United Kingdom

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About Us
Hello. We are Hyperactive.
We are a London based experiential agency. Big ideas are only half the story. It’s what you do with them that counts. At Hyperactive we produce exciting, innovative and uber-creative experiences for our clients. We structure our ideas to live beyond experiential and into communications channels for increased scale and tangible measurement. Current clients include Beats by Dre, Eurostar, Hunter Boots, Tag Heuer, Carlsberg, Warner Bros Interactive, Maynard Bassetts, Chelsea FC.
A whopping 78% of millennials value unique experiences more than physical possessions. The things we do have more social currency than the things we have, and increasingly more conversations are started by our actions: whether it be a Facebook check in, an Instagram post, a tweet or a Snapchat story. This is the Experience Economy.
Hyperactive designs campaigns for brands in the Experience Economy, where the door is open for brands to entertain, engage, excite and inspire. Shiny new experiences are an invitation into a brand world, where we can fall in love with shiny new products and build shiny happy futures, together.
Big ideas are part of the story. We believe it’s what we do with them that counts. We don’t create experiences in a vacuum but craft them to be leveraged into communications channels where ideas can live on beyond the point of impact, delivering scale.
Hyperactive is a joint venture with independent advertising agency Fold7, a partner with that shares our passion for creativity, innovation and similarly believes in ideas with momentum.
We have form in producing famous and often award winning campaigns for a wide range of brands. Previous clients include EE, Virgin Atlantic, Coca-Cola, Xbox, Emirates, Porsche, Carling, LG, Tuborg, River Island, Carphone Warehouse, Sony to name a few.
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