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Pranketts House
Stoke Sub Hamdon
TA14 6PP
United Kingdom

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  • Solar Power
  • Solar Chargers
  • Mobile Phone Charging
  • Clean Energy
About Us
Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd has specialised in portable power for 8 years. The Solar Charging Can is a standalone portable Solar Charging Station to provide off-grid power for Events, Glamping, Disaster Relief, Camps, NGOs & rural Communities. Able to power Phones, Tablets, Medical equipment, WiFi, CCTV & Lighting. Patent-pending, designed & manufactured in the UK.
Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd have specialised in fit for purpose portable power for 8 years. We have powered many Expeditions in the Arctic/Antarctic/Atlantic/Everest. We have also put together bespoke packages for NGO use in Disaster/Conflict zones, including providing renewable portable power for pop up schools & Mobile Clinics.
We used the Nepalese Earthquake as our design scenario for the Solar Charging Can (SCC), i.e. immediate loss of power, all telecommunications and disrupted infrastructure within a densely packed city. The priority was a robust free to run, quickly deployable (30-minute setup) localised power supply for the emergency teams and to still be utilised in the re-building aftermath and future Community use.
It is modular (can be easily adapted to different scenarios) and has been designed to be reliable in hostile environments, for short-term or static deployment in Refugee Camps, conflict zones or Disaster relief with a 10 year + service life. All parts can be replaced in situ with no technical expertise required. With the batteries taken out, it weighs 15kg for easy movement, has a collapsible solar frame & a 3m telescopic carbon fibre mounting pole.
Standard :
Multiple 5v-12v charging outlets (Radios/Phones/Tablets/WiFi/Sat-Comms/Medical/Ultra-sound/thermal-Cameras/Fridges)
•             Lockable Steel control & Charging box
•             Plug & Play wiring loom
Optional :
Remote infra-red CCTV,
 Multi-Channel WiFi or Satellite Communications
 LED Floodlights
Additional Charging box and 5-12v charging ports
MSC Portable 200-1000W Power Banks Service life 10 years +
Modular, easy to store, move, set up and dismantle. Self-contained, there is no need for electrical leads/Electricians/refuelling/maintenance during a deployment.
Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd
Website Address: www.mobilesolarchargers.co.uk          www.solarchargingcan.com
Email : enquiries@mobilesolarchargers.co.uk                enquiries@solarchargingcan.com
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