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About Us
DigaTech is a premier gateway offering cutting-edge information, exclusive events & closed-door networks for leaders, innovators & visionaries who are shaping the future of FinTech. As a leading provider of information within the fields of Banking, Wealth, Investments, Payments, Lending, Ecommerce & Cryptocurrency, DigaTech delivers transformative intelligence that drives innovation, collaboration & progress.

DigaTech provides thought-provoking FinTech content & expert analysis to keep our members well informed & up-to-date by delivering the latest insights, trends & advancements in the areas of Banking, Wealth, Investments, Payments, Lending, Ecommerce, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Financial AI.

Knowledge & Information Sharing

DigaTech offers exclusive events, seminars & programmes that allow members to elevate their Fintech performance by examining the latest systems, strategies, & solutions whilst offering a unique opportunity to meet our network of leaders, experts, visionary's & disruptors. 

Events, Seminars & Programmes

DigaTech provides thought-provoking content & expert analysis to keep our members well informed & up-to-date by delivering the latest FinTech insights, trends & advancements within the fields of Banking, Wealth, Investments, Payments, Lending, Ecommerce & Cryptocurrency.

Members Only Events & Programmes

DigaTech’s events & programmes are carefully crafted to provide a highly exclusive & immersive experience. Through our members-only approach, we ensure that attendees are part of a distinguished group that share a passion for driving FinTech advancement and discovery.

Closed-Door Membership Network & Networking Events

DigaTech's closed-door network & networking events provide members with a unique platform to make connections with thought leaders, innovators, visionaries & pioneers whilst exchanging ideas & concepts with other members who are committed to driving change.

Group & Round-Table Discussions

DigaTech’s interactive discussions allow members to engage in collaborative dialogue, share diverse perspectives & exchange valuable intelligence. DigaTech’s group & round-table discussions offer a unique opportunity for members to enhance their skills whilst staying at the forefront of industry insights & trends.

Exclusive Q & A Evenings

Thought-provoking Q & A evenings with expert analysis delivered by renowned & highly respected leaders from the world of FinTech, Finance & Technology. 

Visit DigaTech at www.digatechnology.com

Portfolio: Events we're supplying or attending
Event Dates Website
FinTech Discovery 25 Jan 2024 - 25 Jan 2024 https://digatechnology.com/fintech-discovery
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